At MIM we know that maintenance is not a "miscellaneous" function, it produces a real good, which can be summarized as: capacity to produce with quality, safety and profitability.


We are specialists in different areas of industrial maintenance and offer different services. Mainly:

  • Industrial maintenance

  • Consulting

  • Engineering

  • Automation

  • Machining / Locksmith

  • Electronic workshop

  • Industrial software

  • Industrial cleaning




MIM is a company created in 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs with the aim of offering a competitive maintenance service.


Our way of working is based on understanding customers as partners and transparency has led us to success.


The success has made the company evolve towards the successive creation of specialized departments that have finally become companies.


Currently, the founders are still a fundamental part of the company's development.

  • MIM employs 150 people

  • It has 5 sites of 4000 m²

  • National proximity coverage

  • National and international repair and installation coverage

  • Work teams distributed throughout southern Europe

  • It has specialized own workshops