At MIM Metall we are specialists in metal work to carry out different projects tailored to the customer. We have prepared spaces, where we find: a machining and a locksmith workshop.


MIM Metall has a workshop of 300m² dedicated exclusively to machining. All our sections are equipped with the most modern technology, within their field, to be able to give an adequate response to all the needs of our clients.


We are fully equipped with all the machinery necessary for manufacturing:

  • CNC machining center

  • Lathes

  • Conventional milling machines

  • Drills with bench

  • Gear cutter

  • Machine for the realization of notches

  • Tangential grinding machine

  • Hydraulic presses

We also have the assembly area for all those equipment that are delivered completely assembled and tested. In this area we assemble all the equipment and perform the necessary checks for its correct operation.

Quality is synonymous with customer satisfaction, that is why we have customers that export 95% of the parts we manufacture and this forces us to be always on guard with quality.


We develop tools including co-design of the product and mass production through continuous improvement activities.


We manufacture all kinds of tools in multiple materials: Steel, Aluminum, Bronze and Plastic. We test different hypotheses by simulation, while the construction of the tooling is started.


Improvements in the tooling during series production are incorporated into the development of replacement tools.


MIM Metall is formed by a great human team, highly qualified, with programs of continuous training and motivated with the quality of all the products that are manufactured.

More information at  and also on the phone +34 93 580 60 34