We offer cleaning services of all kinds thanks to the group company,

MIM Punt Net.


From general cleanings of offices and buildings or outdoor spaces for all types of customers, to technical cleanings of facilities or equipment for customers with industrial units and services, as well as facilities of all kinds.

We also have the infrastructure to perform auxiliary services, such as consultancy and supervision, control of facilities, gardening, support for event organization, support to catering, waste management, support to reverse logistics, adaptation and management of indoor and outdoor spaces, data collection for process management and outsourcing, such as handling, logistics and provisions, auxiliary assemblies, preparation and adaptation services for processes and production, recovery of defective production materials, auxiliary production and / or process works. Our processes are guide by the current regulations on both Occupational Safety and Hygiene and the preservation of the Environment.



Our philosophy is centred on the premise that “Quality improvement” equals to obtaining competitive advantages through a set of actions. These actions can be of 4 types:

           Standardization of processes, procedures and operations.

           Audits in work centres.

           Continuous improvement system and staff participation.

           Management of non-conformities.