In order to grow, a good organization is necessary.

We offer a management and internal organization service for our clients.

We invest in techno-structure according to the needs of our clients

Our areas are specialized to do a single job


Because we have a flexible work structure supported by a technostructure that allows us to offer the best services to our clients.

We continuously innovate in services and products

We form a robust and effective system when solving problems

Accompany the client throughout the life of his installation, from the planning, realization of the maintenance both on detailed and global system.


Customer orientation, people management, trust, continuous improvement, integrity, social commitment, initiative, quality, perseverance.


To be an European reference for maintenance, ensuring that our clients have a high level of satisfaction with the quality, flexibility and efficiency offered.


Mim is a NGO chief (Vida i Pau), collaborating with it in several projects, among them the creation of a school in Guatemala, as well as an active collaborator of the Instituto Guttman, Médicos sin fronteras, Fundación Carreras and Arrels (of homeless people from Barcelona).