At MIM we know that maintenance is not a "miscellaneous" function, it produces a real good, which can be summarized as: capacity to produce with quality, safety and profitability.


This type of maintenance arises from the need to reduce the corrective and everything it represents. It aims to reduce the repair by means of a routine of periodic inspections and the renewal of the damaged elements. If the second and third are not performed, the first is inevitable.

  •   We know what it is and what it is about.

The periodic care entails an optimal study of conservation which needs an effective application to contribute to a correct quality system and to the improvement of the following ones.

  •   We use process improvement methodologies such as 6 SIGMA.

The objective is to achieve a reduction of the corrective that will represent a reduction of production costs and an increase in availability. This will make possible to plan the work of the maintenance department, as well as a forecast of the spare parts or necessary means.

  •   Negotiation capacity.

The best time to carry out the shutdown of the facilities with production is specified by mutual agreement.

  •   Minimum investment from our clients in infrastructure and specialized labor.

The development of maintenance plans must be carried out by specialized technicians.

  •   We have analysis capability.

If a correct analysis of the level of preventive maintenance is not made, the maintenance cost can be overloaded without substantial improvements in availability.

  •   Our team is involved and we try to create.

When the routine work is prolonged over time produces a lack of motivation in the staff, so that imaginative systems must be created to convert a repetitive work into a work that generates satisfaction and commitment. The involvement of preventive operators is essential for the success of the plan.


We work with our clients as if we were one more department, this way they can obtain the advantages that the big firms have.