We believe that part of the success is based on the personalized, transparent and trustworthy treatment that is established with the client.


At MIM we join the necessary efforts to provide the customer with a global and exhaustive maintenance of their facilities, working as one more department of the company.

As a company specialized in maintenance (predictive, preventive and corrective) we achieve: to prevent, detect and act quickly and effectively in front of possible breakdowns that occur in the daily use of the facilities, always ensuring the good condition and optimal functioning of the client's machinery.

We look for the satisfaction of our customers, that's why we offer complementary general services (electronic, mechanical, industrial cleaning, ...) thanks to the different specialized workshops that MIM has created to cover the needs of companies in a complete way.

For this we have a highly qualified human team and the most advanced technical teams.


The design and implementation of any organizational system and its subsequent computerization must always keep in mind that it has to fulfill certain objectives. Any sophistication of the system must be considered with great caution in order to avoid, precisely, that these objectives are masked or are hindered.

In the case of maintenance, its organization and information should be aimed at the permanent achievement of the following objectives:

Optimization of the availability of productive equipment

Reduction of maintenance costs

Optimization of human resources

Maximization of the machine's life

We work with our clients as if we were one more department, this way they can obtain the advantages that the big firms have.